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Hi, I'm Zoë Anastasia,

I'm raising awareness of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
because this is a condition that's affected me suddenly
and was something I previously knew nothing about.

By raising awareness of Scoliosis and the signs to look out for,
I hope to help as many other children as I can get an early
diagnosis. This gives more options for treatment like
physiotherapy and bracing as well as surgery. There's loads of
support on Google and Social Media if you search for it.

These are facts I've learnt about
Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis:
1. There's NO KNOWN causes for it.
(can occur in any child during growth spurts)
2. It's not hereditary.
3. Affects up to 10 times more girls than boys.
4. Occurs in 4 % of children.
5. It can develop quickly and worsen rapidly.
6. It can be treated very successfully!

Please note I am not a medical professional, and the results of
this test are not a substitute for professional advice which I
would always recommend. So I take no responsibility or
liability for any action you take as a result of it. I gather and
store no personal information within this app and therefore
personal results are not shared. I am a not for profit entity.

Question 1:
Stand in a relaxed manner
Do the shoulders look uneven?

Question 2:
Is one shoulder blade sticking
out more than the other?

Question 3:
Are the hips or waist uneven?

Question 4:
Is there a noticeable curve
of the spine?

Question 5:
On bending forward
is there a noticeable hump
on one side of the ribcage?

Question 6:
On bending forward
is there a noticeable hump
on one side of the lower back?

Question 7:
Is there a family history
of scoliosis?

Question 8:
Is this individual
male or female?